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where's your Bozo line?

“Anything Pink Rocks,” an article in the March 26th New Yorker, profiles Jimmy Webb, the now legendary Trash and Vaudeville salesman. Apart from being delightful, Jimmy has some great things to say about getting dressed. I liked this one sentiment in particular:

“Dressing is all about the whole look. If one thing stands out, you’re a beautiful coat walking down the street, or a pair of pants on the subway. With everything on, even if the elements are different from each other, it blends. You can’t cross that line to Bozo, though. You must never cross the Bozo line.”

I think we all have our own personal Bozo lines– for some, that means mixing patterns or bright colors; for me, it generally trips me at jewelry.

How about you? Where’s your Bozo line?

zip it good

Know how I often spot looks I like on the street, subway, etc.? Well, when I’m feeling a bit too cool to beg the wearer for a rundown of the labels they’re rocking, there’s a roster of sites I visit to ferret out their provenance on my own. You can guess the usual destinations: shopbop, revolve clothing, eBay, and plain old Google. But I don’t often find myself— and my Grail— on Dr. Jay’

This isn’t the first time I’ve waxed poetic about hoodies (just scroll down). But these bad boys are different. Against the wintry urban landscape, continuous patterns in often bright colors—like this one from Upper Playground— are naturally eye-catching:
Upper Playground vintage cars hoodie
Do you see? They’re vintage cars!

Plus, to my surprise and delight, these hoodies have never-ending zippers, like this limited-edition lovely from Crooked Ink:
Crooked Ink Space hoodie

Utterly key are the all-over print (i.e., continuous, unbroken pattern) and the full zip (to zip over your face, if so desired).

I can’t say which situation I prefer: finding the sought-after look on shopbop and gasping at the out-of-reach price, or knowing that the coveted hoodie will never, ever be made in my size and/or to my liking (female versions, when they exist, are all tight sexy cropped-ness).

So as usual, I close this case with a smile, and a sigh.

wanna fight?

Before the temperatures turned on us and the wind bared its teeth, didn’t it feel like spring was on its way? Naturally, my thoughts turned to eyelet, florals—all warm-weather daintiness, really—and how I want to rough it all up with some fightin’ looks.

Everything’s got an edge today, even the [typically saccharine] Mary Janes:
Chloe rough & tumble maryjanes
Oh oh oh CHLOE!

Nothing from Stuart Weitzman can really be mean, per se, but these faux-python gladiators sure are fierce:
Stuart Weitzman "Oval" sandals

And can’t you just picture the perfect lil’ dress (I’m thinking full-skirted) rocked out by this Mike & Chris hooded leather jacket?
Mike & Chris "Clark" leather hooded jacket
(The photo is from, an online store I just discovered that sells great stuff and posts pictures of celebs wearing it all. Rachel Bilson, Nicole Riche, the Olsens, oh my!)

By the way, where has Mike & Chris been all my life? It’s hoodie couture! Go to to see more. I think I’m feeling a big-ticket hoodie purchase coming on…

…to stay warm, of course.