why don’t I have a pair yet?

nike air max

The Nike Air Max. Give this a listen and love them along with me: Lily Allen Stop There

black leatha

Leather apparel is going strong for Fall–leather shifts, leather skirts, leather tees–and really, what’s not to like? But here I find myself smitten with a couple of plain old leather accessories:

1. a black leather baseball cap! If there were any chance I’d look anything but totally idiotic, you’d see me in one (Don’t worry, Seth. I won’t).
leather baseball cap

This seems a perfect street purchase to me, but there’s one by Cast of Vices on revolve clothing if you want to be fancy about it.

2. black leather ’80s boots. I don’t know what else to call them because they look so of that era. But whatever you call them, they’re awesome. I’ve been ogling the Chloe ones, but these, the Fentons by Loeffler Randall, are mine, mine mine.
loeffler randall fenton boots
(photo from loefflerrandall.com)

Um, how did I manage to miss these?

Loeffler Randall's Tamsin in polka dot pony hair!!

Loeffler Randall’s Tamsin in polka dot pony hair!!

I’m heading to ebay now.

mix n match

I don’t know who this is but I want her outfit:

Want to wear

cleaning house

While on a recent trip to Vegas I sorted through the screenshots that never made it onto threadmettle. Happily, I still like a lot of the things, some so much that I want to post them now.

Let’s start with the dresses:
Twin-set by Simona Barbieri dress
Last summer I did a project for a client who was wearing this insanely adorable number. It’s by Twin-Set which, as far as I can tell, is only available to us in the US via yoox.com.

Also over the summer I spotted this peter pan collar dress. I can’t recall who makes it, but I know it was from Bird:
Peter pan collar mini dress
Cute, huh? I (like everyone else) have a thing for peter pan collars.

Which, oddly, brings me to pants. Apart from this woman’s amazing collar necklace (on my hit list, for sure), her pants are incredible. I think she was featured as street style at a fashion show somewhere…Paris, probably:
Cherry wide leg pant

And finally, shoes. These are Repetto loafers. What to say? If chic and practical had a baby, it’d be this shoe.
Repetto loafer

These booties are by Chloe. They’re quite an eyeful, huh? A little scary.
Chloe boot

But on, they are just wearable hard rock. See Kate Bosworth wearing them in red, and in black:
kate b in chloe boots

Sienna Miller digs them, too. And clearly, so do I.

now and later

So, it is 100% winter, sunny but frigid nonetheless. I broke down (shivering) and requested a real winter coat for Christmas, which I received (thanks, Mom!) and am very happy with. But I still have my eye on faux-warm outerwear, like this cape I spotted on Fab:

Hooded cape is by FM908

Hooded cape by FM908

Capes: not just for druids anymore.

When it does get warm, I’d love to rock these silk sweatpants by Vince.
“Silk sweatpants?!?” you might ask.
And the answer is emphatically yes:
Vince silk sweatpants


The relaxed leather pant from Vince: want. so. badly.


Who the hell needs Uggs?!
Seriously, I’m in love.

Screen shot 2012-10-05 at 3.09.53 PM

(Available at Bird)

oh yes she did

oh yes she did

So here’s the pair of wedge sneakers I ended up with! I tried a pair in black made by Madison Harding (these) but they kinda looked like ski boots. My Nikes, on the other hand, are all street. In fact, they’re more like a flattering high top than a high heel masquerading as a sneaker, if you catch my drift.

A friend’s son whispered, “Moms don’t wear shoes like that.” Whether that’s good or bad, I really can’t say, but I am loving. these. sneaks.

it’s on

Do you ever like something that challenges your perceptions of good taste, leaving you entirely befuddled? Until it got so blasted hot, I was asking just about everyone I met what they thought of wedge sneakers. Usually I don’t ask– I just know, but damn it these babies confounded me.
Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 11.43.53 AM
(Sneaks by and pic from Ash)

Well I just got an email from Steven Alan touting the new Isabel Marant line, featuring the image below:
Screen shot 2012-08-14 at 1.16.15 PM

Yes indeed, it’s an Isabel Marant wedge sneak! The Betty Basket Sneaker.

Well that’s all I needed to know.

I can see clearly now/ the rain is gone